What Are The Types Of Pencil Sharpener?

- Dec 18, 2017-

Blade. The most original is to hand-sharpen pencils, with sharp blades (such as cutting paper knives) can be cut very sharp effect, requires careful, master strength, there is a certain degree of difficulty.

Electric Pencil sharpener, powered by electric motors convenient and fast, environmental hygiene, it is the special function of the rotary cutter to turn the cutting process into a half grinding of the form, therefore, cutting up easy and quick, after the boot just pencil to the hole in one plug, 2-3 seconds that is easy to cut out.

Manual Sharpener. A manual two-hole multiple knife sharpener, including cutting handwriting knife, knife body, tool holder, four cutting lead knife, transparent upper cover, tapered cylindrical hole of cutting handwriting, cutting lead cone cylindrical hole, chip slot, cutter position slot, feed positioning surface, wherein, the cutting handwriting knife is fixed on the knife body, and the four cutters are fixed in the knife, The tool holder is fixed in the cutter positioning groove, then the transparent upper cover is fixed on the cutter body, and the tool holder is pressed tightly.