What Are The Common Problems With The Stapler?

- Dec 18, 2017-

1. Not normal to send wire or not to send wire. The first reason is: the delivery wheel or delivery board (packaging delivery track), such as wear groove, so that the wire can not be the rhythm of the correct delivery, and sometimes appear to send leakage, do not send the appearance of the quality of wire carton printing, burr, smooth or not straight will also affect the normal wire feed

2. Do not cut wire or cut continuously. First of all, there is something wrong with the cutting knife and the guide wire hole. such as: cutting less than the reservation and guide wire shaft hole touch too small, cutting knife and guide wire shaft holes spaced too large, (cutting blade collapse), can not constitute shear effect; cutting the blade has severe collapse.

3. No type (that is, for sawing): The first is the stapler molding hook and the formation of the Board is improper cooperation. such as: Forming hook feeding is not in place, forming hooks and sandwich plate has wear, wire can not send out, clamping spring failure, wire clamping, can not send the reservation location.

4. Card saw (wire stuck). The first is to shape the hook inappropriate. such as: The formation of hook wear larger, wire out in the groove, The wire stuck, wire without straightening, forced to transport in place after the card, the diameter of the wire is improper (usually too large) or a heavy saw.

5. The length of the nail saw is irregular (the claw is not common). First, the delivery is not normal. such as: Feeding swing conditioning improper, feeding wheel or feeding skateboard wear, so that the wire can not be transported by rules.