Introduction Of Special Office Stapler

- Mar 29, 2018-

Binding is the last link of data processing, and it is the factor and detail that can not be ignored. In actual work, the binding of most office materials is not very strict and standard. It can not meet the standard of official document binding in national administrative organs, and affects the overall standardization of documents.

"Special stapler for administrative office" is to meet the standard requirements of administrative staff daily office, and specially designed for production of office supplies. When binding the office materials, it can synchronously bind two staples at one press, and the nail eye is always in the national standard location (the standard binding of A4 and 16 paper can be opened), so that it can reach the national binding standard. When solving the binding documents and office materials of the old binding equipment, the position of the two staples on the page is not high enough, neither right nor left can be standardized. Ensure strict binding document appearance, saves time and labor, simple, efficient, beautiful and durable, is ideal for administrative and personnel paperwork to do the standard, which is widely applied in various departments and office staff as well as the need for writing, paper material to collect jobs (such as: administrative approval the data collection and post event printer workplace etc.).

The product has been more than thirty provinces, municipal government and the administrative system is designated by standardization, office supplies.

Shuen Der Industry (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd is the sole producer of special specialized stapler for the production of administrative office in China. Based on the company's professional and the product function, quality oriented, believe that the patent products will be able to help you do the more reflect the preciseness and efficiency, if the internal unit or system will be widely enabled, comprehensively improve the unit within the office of the text quality, and can reduce the work intensity and improve the data collection efficiency.