How To Use The Tape Cutter

- Dec 18, 2017-

1. The first need to be tape cutter reel Open, the whole roll tape into the tape cutter, with fixed core fixed tape roll.

2. Then pull out the whole tape of the front-end section, so that the tape from the bottom through the tape cutter between the front axle and the bottom of the gap between the note in order to make the tape smooth sliding, please ensure that the tape has a sticky side downward.

3. Then the next step is to gently pull the tape front of the small box, pull down a piece of tape, and then gently put the blade back a pull, you can cut the tape, the thicker the tape, in the cutting time will need greater pressure, this is common sense in everyone.

4. At the same time it also has a certain degree of flexibility, you can, according to their preferences, tighten or loosen the tape cutter on the tension adjustment button, so that you can have their own preferences to control the speed of the tape.