The composition of the stapler

- Dec 18, 2017-

1. The base of the stapler. It is generally selected engineering plastics as material, this is because the engineering plastics have a certain toughness and plasticity, can realize the stapler and the support of the base, and in a certain number of disassembly can also maintain the integrity and accuracy of the parts.

2. The support and end cover of the stapler. It is made of cast iron as material, because cast iron has better casting performance than steel, and has good strength and damping performance.

3. Stapler End cover Spring, push spring, top force spring and shrapnel. It is produced by spring just for the material, because the spring steel as a manufacturing spring and elastic elements of the new, it has excellent comprehensive performance, especially spring steel with elastic limit, strength limit, yield ratio, anti-rebound performance, fatigue properties, hardenability, physical and chemical properties, and many other properties.

4. Book Machine fixture, Ding, end cover shrapnel, central support, mold, top force axis, trademarks, gaskets, nail ding, trademarks and positioning axes. It uses the stainless steel material to make, because the stainless steel not only has the good comprehensive mechanical property, but also has the good corrosion resistance, the heat resistance, the low-temperature strength and the mechanical characteristic, the stamping, the bending and so on hot processing good characteristic, also did not have the heat treatment hardening phenomenon.