How to buy a good correction tape?

- Dec 18, 2017-

1. With the core wide selection of items in its width is best 4.2mm~5.2mm, because this width is just a computer printing table as each line of the line wide range, in the correction is not easy to mistakenly repaired to other lines, and can be corrected at once, some of the width of the correction band 6mm, it is not suitable for computer files.

2. Product assembly. Correction belt into the core after the size of the gear can be matched, elastic moderate does not reverse, with the mouth with the core on both sides of the flat, upper and lower lid matching in place without cracks.

3. Correction effect. Observe coverage and cover viscosity when corrected, you can pull the correction belt on the paper, to observe whether the gear rotation is free, smooth and smooth, the material of the correction belt is the best choice of high coverage, thickness enough, even the neutral pen or ink handwriting can easily cover, again written in the correction belt does not affect the overall effect.