Correction Belt Repair method

- Dec 18, 2017-

1. Pry open the Correction belt shell. Although there are also many replaceable core correction belt, you can purchase the inner belt replacement, but more is fixed in the interior can not replace the belt. Fixed irreplaceable core correction products, often more difficult to open, you can use a ruler, scissors or its tools to pry open.

2. Find the place where the belt is broken. After the smooth opening of the correction belt, the pinion to take out, to find the location of the broken belt, ready to glue paper, with adhesive tape of the place.

3. Put the gears back in place. After the tape, put the tape on the belt to the small wheel, wrapped around two or three laps to put the wheel into the lid.

4. Test can be used. A few strokes on the white paper, can not be normal out of the band, repeat the above steps, with normal words can be used smoothl